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Bethm Semel: This website page provides information on hundreds of free Guest Post lists for anyone who wants to apply guest blogging to their SEO and content marketing strategies.

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There are many sites that accept guest posts for free out there. We collect data, select the best and arrange it in the form of a list for your convenience.

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This is a collection of SEO niche accept guest posts list. All are authority sites and have high traffic.

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Get the complete list of blogging niche accept guest posts. All are authority sites and have high traffic.

Niche Marketing Accept Guest Post

This is a comprehensive list of Marketing niche accept guest posts. All are authority and high traffic.

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Guest Blogging, Writing Strategies on Other Sites to Increase Your Site's Popularity

What is Guest Blogging?

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.As the name suggests, guest blogging is done by being a guest writer on another site or blog.This is done to increase traffic to their site, increase your domain authority and use external links to high-authority domains.In addition, this is also done to increase credibility and awareness and build good relations with these parties.According to Big Commerce, guest blogging is a win-win for both parties.As a guest blogger, you can promote your brand.Meanwhile, sites that host guest blogging certainly get quality content.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Traffic and ROI

Guest blogging is a very useful inbound marketing strategy.According to OptinMonster, this strategy is the key to increasing traffic and ROI of your content marketing efforts.

2. Brand awareness and lead generation

Not only that, guest blogging is also important to increase brand awareness with content created on other sites.People who read your content can be attracted to visit your landing page, so they can become useful leads for the company.

3. Build trust

When writing content on a site that is considered credible, people will become more confident in your brand.In fact, by frequently guest blogging on other trusted sites, you can build an impression as an expert and increase your business reputation.

4. Link building

Guest blogging is a very useful strategy for link building from high quality sites.This is important for increasing SEO ranking so that your site can appear higher in the SERP or search engine results pages.

Steps and Tips for Good Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy that needs to be done properly.Well, here are the steps and tips you need to understand before doing it:

1. Know the goal

For a guest blogging strategy to work, it's important to know the goal first.Usually, the purpose of guest blogging is to drive traffic to your business landing page to get more leads and sales.In addition, increasing brand awareness can also be a good goal.Guest blogging can also aim to improve SEO by adding inbound links.Another goal that is no less important is to increase the credibility of your business or website.Choose one so that the implementation of this strategy can focus on that goal effectively.

2. Find the right site

Finding the right site for guest blogging is the next step you need to take.Look for sites that accept guest bloggers and want to add quality content.Well, the chosen site should not be arbitrary.Find a site that has a good domain authority, which is a site that can increase brand awareness and appropriate traffic for your site.Then, try to discuss a guest blogging agreement with the site owner.

3. Choose a topic

After reaching an agreement between the two parties, the next step is to determine what topics are suitable to be raised as content material on the site where you are doing guest blogging.Find out what's popular on the site and how your content can add positive value to the site and its audience.Present your brainstorming proposal by doing an interesting pitch.

4. Create quality content

If the content and pitching ideas have been approved, all you have to do is write a blog post according to what has been agreed.According to HubSpot, it is recommended to write long-form posts of approximately 1,000 words.Don't forget to do on-page SEO optimization.Design the content as good and interesting as possible by inserting links to other posts on the site, links to relevant content on your site, links to trusted publications, and so on.Don't forget to do proofreading to make sure there are no mistakes in the content that has been compiled.

5. Monitor results

Once content is created and published, it is important to monitor the results.Find out if by doing guest blogging the goals that have been set in the first step can be achieved.To do this, you can use some analytical tools like Ahrefs and others.These tools will give you data on backlinks, referring domains, organic traffic performance, and much more.

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Here is a complete list of sites that accept Guest Posts. You can choose based on the niche that is relevant to your site.

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